Planning for a new development or expansion of current facilities requires close and careful attention. Laurel analyzes every project independently and holistically to ensure proposed development plans become a reality. Laurel has experience and insider understanding of development in the Pittsburgh region giving clients confidence that their planning efforts will meet their own needs and those of the community.

Conceptual Planning

Laurel is equipped to help clients prepare preliminary planning and conceptual design for the future growth of their business providing the foundation of the development proposal. Laurel can provide management and advise on site location, market identification, zoning considerations, phase 1 environmental investigation, rendering, and design are critical components of planning.

Proforma Development & Analysis

Laurel can assist clients with a project’s financial feasibility analysis. A development plan needs a financing strategy. Laurel will take the time to personally guide clients through the necessary components of a professional comprehensive financial proforma and budget. Identifying any gaps in financing, Laurel can also assist in securing debt or equity to a project.

Requests for Proposals

Selecting a contractor or supplier through the use of a request for proposal (RFP) is an effective and efficient way of ascertaining the best fit for specific services or commodities needed for a project. Laurel can make this process go smoothly by providing guidance on advertising strategy, RFP document preparation, bid tabulation, and award to bid.

Market Feasibility

Location can be the most important consideration a firm makes during a development or expansion project. Laurel understands that every project has varying timing and placement thresholds. Just because the right place has been identified doesn’t mean it is the right time. Laurel takes the time to delve into the climate of the market its clients wish to enter. Based on sound imperial evidence Laurel is able to suggest to clients the feasibility of the project as a whole and offer possible modifications to ease entry into the market.