Laurel understands the important role grants play in filling financial gaps in real estate development by offering a broad range of grant services to help our clients obtain and administer Local, State, and Federal grant programs. These services include:

Grant Writing

Grant writing for Laurel is more than completing an application; it is an opportunity to provide clients with a valuable resource for future reference.

A well written grant is key in capturing targeted grant financing. Laurel’s grant writing process includes a personal consultation with clients to establish facts and understand benchmarks. Grants are written to appeal to the specific agency receiving and reviewing the grant.

Procurement Services

The process a grant goes through after it is submitted is often the most important point of application. Laurel’s services do not end after a grant has been submitted. Working with clients, Laurel is able to provide sound advice at points throughout the application process. Often times certain additional procurement an activity are required during grant processing and after the grant is awarded. Laurel is able to help clients navigate these activities effectively and efficiently.

Grant Compliance

One of the challenges related to grant funding is compliance. Recipients of grant funds can quickly find themselves buried in paperwork and inundated with long lists of deliverable. Laurel works to ensure clients’ grant funding is not compromised by failure to meet compliance regulation – including meetings and checklists to help keep the records of the grantor and grantee consistent.

Requisition Services

The formal request for grant funds is typically one of the last hurdles between a grantee and the receipt of funds. However, this process is not always as easy as writing a formal letter or presenting invoices. Many grant programs have specific forms and formats they wish to receive requisition requests. These forms vary and can often be confusing and cumbersome. Laurel is able to guide clients through this process by identifying and explaining the necessary forms to the grantee.